Are You Hungry?

Hi Everyone,

Today’s discussion was about hunger and poverty. We talked about who suffers from hunger – why are some people hungry – and where are people suffering from hunger. 

Next we asked the question “why do we care about hunger?” and we agreed that it is a basic act of human compassion that people have a right to get food. Take another look at the first five minutes of this TED video with Josette Sheeran’s talk on world hunger  

Next we talked about poverty and what it means. We discussed the “poverty line” or the minimum level of income that one person, per day, has to spend on food.  Using data from the Poverty Line project at we guessed what certain countries’ poverty lines are, and what food you could purchase with that money in a particular country. Great job everyone, although your estimates were generally higher than the study’s findings. 

The Poverty Line

Following along today’s topic of hunger and poverty we watched this film “Saving Grace” which is about an orphan, Grace, who lives in poverty in Malawi and receives a daily meal from the not for profit organization Mary’s Meals. You can watch the film again here  

 We discussed the advantages of these types of programs and the benefits of education for these children and their communities.  Thanks everyone for participating and sharing your opinions and ideas!

Words of the day

breather (noun) : a rest or a break                                                                                                        Usually students will take a breather and have lunch after their morning class.

lie low (idiom) : to try not to be noticed; to stay hidden in order to avoid being noticed or found                                                                                                                                                         To avoid being followed by paparazzi, some celebrities may lay low.

stale (adjective) : no longer fresh; having an unpleasant taste or smell                                              When you leave a loaf of bread out on the kitchen counter, it can become stale after 3 or 4 days.

Great job today everyone!  Remember to relax and practice!

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