Acts of Kindness

Hi Everyone,

Looks like Spring has finally arrived!! Yesterday we started out with a review of adjectives to describe personality traits, both positive and negative. Take another look at this practice exercise we did in class Personality Traits Practice

The topic yesterday was Acts of Kindness and we discussed this using these phrases – giving, sharing, caring, doing, and making.  Here is the video we watched on random acts of kindness 

In groups we discussed the question ” If you were to do an act of kindness, what would it be?” Each group presented their ideaswhich were all very inspiring and creative. Great job everyone!

Next we discussed what the number 525600 could mean and this short video told us that there are 525600 minutes in a year and it only takes 1 minute to be kind. Here’s the video for you to watch again 

Here are the words of the day

lighthearted (adjective) : having or showing a cheerful and happy nature ; not serious                               Most people are in a lighthearted mood as Spring approaches and Winter ends.

glamorous (adjective) : very attractive and exciting                                                                                          Movie stars and Hollywood celebrities live a glamorous lifestyle.

arduous (adjective) : very difficult                                                                                                                     Sometimes studying English can be arduous.

Lastly one of our fellow students, Jana, demonstrated the website Duolingo which is an interactive and fun English learning website. Check out the website at and there is also a free app you can download to your phone or tablet.  Happy Learning!

Hope to see you all next week and remember to relax and practice!