Is Paper Dead?? No Way!!

Hi Everyone,

Today was the battle of paper against iPads and other technologies. Well, looks like we need paper for various purposes, but, also like the features and functions of technology.

Now, let’s review those fun expressions with the word NO – starting with No Way! – which can be used when we want to say no possibility ; it can also be a way to say a very strong no; and lastly can be used as an exclamation of strong surprise.  Here’s the list on No expressions and uses and meanings we reviewed in class 10 Expressions with NO – Uses and Meanings.   Take another look  through this practice exercise of using those No expressions in some sentences NO Expressions sentence practice.  Good work everyone!

Today’s topic was “Is Paper Dead?” – we split into two groups.One group were “paper” people and the other “iPad” people, each group came up with as many uses of either paper or iPads as they could think of. We filled up the board with many uses, from the simple and practical to innovative and creative. We really could not decide which was more useful, but, agreed that both paper and iPads have unique uses.  We watched this short video of the late Steve Jobs presenting the features of the iPad in 2010.  

Next we looked at this funny video which shows a husband who loves his iPad and his wife who likes using paper, take another look here (and watch for that surprise ending!)

As it says in the video “Paper Has A Great Future”.

Our last class activity today was – paper vs. electronic communication on a desert island. The scenario was that you are a castaway stranded on an island.  Everyone was asked to write a message to let people know they were stranded and to ask for help, some of the students had an iPad and some students had paper. The “messages” were very clever and inventive !  Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

Here are today’s words of the day

no-frills (adjective) : not fancy or luxurious                                                                                             We can save money by flying on a no-frills airline, but don’t expect to get any water or snacks!

economical (adjective) : using money and resources carefully                                                               More and more  hybrid cars today are being sold at economical prices.

exacerbate (verb) : to make (a bad situation, a problem) worse                                                             His angry comments have exacerbated the disagreement with his wife.

Have a great weekend!

Remember to relax and practice!  No kidding!