Problems, Solutions and Creative Thinking

Hi Everyone,

Today’s discussion was all about problems, solutions and creative thinking. We started with some typical and usual problems , and possible solutions. We added adjectives to describe the problems from significant to insignificant, acute to chronic, major to minor and lots more. In small groups we discussed some problem scenarios and came up with very interesting and clever solutions. Here is the formal problem and solution exercise we did in class Problems and Solutions Exercise . Take another look at this problem and solution exercise using slang words and phrases  Slang Problem and Solution Exercise

Next the topic of Creative Thinking – we brainstormed about what is creative thinking and came up with innovation, imagination, revolutionary ideas, unusual ideas, alternative options, and thinking outside the box. We watched this video on creative thinking 

Watch this again and see more about our creative thought process.

We applied this idea of creative thinking to uses of routine objects like paper clips and cardboard boxes. Here are the slides we looked at to get our ideas flowing Creative Thinking  We watched this video about a boy who gets a cardboard box and comes up with many, many uses for the cardboard box. Take a look at the video 

We discussed the boy’s uses of the cardboard box, the message of the film, and the cardboard box as a metaphor in life. We talked about creativity in children and adults and how students learning English use creative thinking. Well done everyone!

Here are the words of the day:

revamp (verb) : to make something better or like new again                                                                In order to keep students interested in the class, the teacher decided to revamp next week’s lesson plan.

anxious (adjective) : nervous or afraid especially about what may happen                                        Many students feel anxious the day before taking a test.

expedite (verb) : to cause something to happen faster ; to speed things up                                       Many students wish they could expedite their English learning, and pronunciation.  

    Enjoy this first weekend of Spring!

Remember to relax and practice!!