Make or Do and Educating the Heart

Hi Everyone,

We started the class with our review of the month of March, when we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and welcome the first day of Spring!!! We are looking forward to seeing those daffodils, the flower of the month. 

We reviewed the meaning and usage of the verbs make and do. They are very similar in meaning but are used differently. Make means to build, to construct something, usually physical. Do is used with activities, chores, jobs and tasks. Both make and do are used in standard collocation format (verb + noun) , for example, make dinner and do the dishes. Do is also used with the following words – anything, nothing, something, and everything. Here are the practice exercises we did in class Dialogue using Make or Do , Sentences using Make or Do . And the video description exercise Video description using Make or Do

Now, on to the topic of the day – Educating and Teaching.  We found out that there are several teachers in the class, teaching subjects from science, health care, reading, and computers. We discussed this quote from Aristotle, on his philosophy of teaching “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”.  We discussed what educating the mind is and what educating the heart is and how it could be done. We watched this short video on educating the heart 

We the talked about the message of this video and how it applies to our own lives.

We wrapped up, as usual, with the words of the day:

bully (noun) : someone who frightens, hurts or threatens smaller or weaker people.                   There are bullies at schools that often pick on other kids on the playground.

hostile (adjective) : not friendly, unpleasant or harsh                                                                        As soon as I walked into the room, I could sense a very hostile atmosphere.

beat up (phrasal verb) : to hurt or injure (someone) by hitting.                                                        He said that those bullies threatened to beat him up, if he didn’t keep quiet.

Great job everyone!

Remember to relax and practice!