Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we talked….. about when to use say or tell, and when to use speak or talk. Say and tell have the same meaning – to communicate verbally – but, we say something and we tell someone something. To use tell we need an indirect object. Here’s the practice review we did in class Say and Tell Practice   Next we reviewed speak and talk, and found out they are very similar in use, but, speak is more formal, and used with languages ( We speak English. We speak five languages.) Take another look at the practice sentences we did in class Speak and Talk Practice 

What could be more American than the word OK?? We discussed when we use it, how we use it, and how often we use it. Here’s the dictionary definition of the word ok ( Definition of OK).

We discussed speaking in public, all the emotions we feel, both positive and negative. We agreed that most people have a natural fear of speaking, which makes us nervous and uncomfortable about speaking in public. We talked about our personal experiences with public speaking. The class agreed that there are things we can do to cope with the fear of public speaking – glossophobia!  Then we watched this video on The Science of Stage Fright  

After we watched this video, we discussed our own relaxation tips. Lastly, some brave volunteers give a three minute speech to the class, well done speakers!

Here are the words of the day:

flake (noun) : a small, thin piece of something : (informal) a strange or unusual person                    This winter we have seen lots of flakes of snow, with all these snowstorms.

teeny (adjective) : very, very small : tiny                                                                                                  I’m trying to cut down on sugar so I’ll just have a teeny piece of that birthday cake.

deluxe (adjective) : very luxurious : of better quality and usually more expensive                              She just bought a deluxe handbag for over $1,000 on Newbury Street!

 Have a great weekend! Remember to relax and practice!