Happy Valentine’s Day

Hi Everyone,

We began yesterday’s class with a discussion on Valentine’s Day – its history, celebrations and customs. Here is the slide show on Valentine celebrations around the world Valentine’s Day Around the World  The symbol of Valentine’ Day is a heart and so we reviewed some common idioms using “heart” and practiced them in sentences. Take another look at the language of hearts worksheet Heart Idioms List and Practice

We continued our discussion on love, and where we find it – the two most popular places to find love are online and at work. We wrote up some online dating profiles for these random singles 12 Online Dating Profiles  Everyone did a great job, very imaginative and creative, and also wonderful use of those heart idioms!

Next on to office romance and we watched this video about two very shy people and how they communicated their mutual attraction using Post It Notes. Here’s the video for you to take another look at 

Finally, here are the words of the day:

impeccable (adjective) : perfect ; free from fault or error                                                                 In order to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics, an athlete’s performance has to be impeccable.

quirky (adjective) : unusual especially in an interesting or appealing way                                He is always playing jokes on us, he’s got a quirky sense of humor.

oddity (noun) : a strange or unusual person or thing                                                                       There are a lot of oddities in Salem, MA, which is known for its history of witches and witchcraft.

Remember to follow your heart and relax and practice!