Formal and Informal English and Homelessness in America

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we discussed formal and informal English – when and why we use the different forms. We know we don’t wear a business suit to the beach and we don’t wear a sweat shirt and running shorts to a job interview, so, the same goes for using formal and informal English. Here’s the list of some useful informal and formal words commonly used in conversation and in writing  Informal / Formal Word List . We did a practice using informal and formal words in some sentences, the answers are highlighted on this worksheet Informal / Formal words practice with answers

Next, we discussed Homelessness – what is it, what causes it, what are the social issues, and what are the possible solutions. After our initial discussion on the topic we watched this video titled Homelessnesss in America 

In addition to the video we reviewed a recent news article “Boston census finds 3.8 percent increase in homelessness” written by Wesley Lowery and published in the January 31, 2014 Boston Globe. We broke up into three groups and focused on the causes, issues, and solutions to homelessness. Each group presented their opinions and ideas and we had a lively class discussion on homelessness. To wrap up the conversation we watched a short video Mankind is No Island which was filmed on the streets of New York and Sydney and presented a global view of homelessness. The title of the film suggests that we need each other and that we survive with one another. Take another look at the video here 

We discussed the complexity of the issue of homelessness, and shared our personal experiences and views on the subject. Thanks everyone for your thoughtful participation and contributions to our discussion.

And we wrapped up with the words of the day:

gloomy  (adjective) : sad or depressed : slightly dark : nor bright or sunny                            The sky was gloomy when we had that snowstorm last week.

mundane  (adjective) : dull, boring, and ordinary ; relating to ordinary life on earth rather than to spiritual things : secular                                                                                          Washing the dinner dishes every night is a very mundane chore for me.

hotshot  (noun) : (informal) ; someone who is successful or skillful in a showy or flashy way.                                                                                                                                                We may see many hotshots competing in the Sochi Winter Olympics, especially some of the young talented snowboarders!

      See you next week, and remember to relax and practice!!