A Pair of Gloves and Word Pairs

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We started this week’s class with a demonstration of a left hand glove and a right hand glove which gives us a pair of gloves. This led us right to this week’s topic : Word Pairs. We did a quick dictation of several common everyday word pairs, like, hot and cold; black and white; in and out; cat and dog; and salt and pepper.

We then discussed binomials – which are word pairs commonly joined by “and” or “or”, and the word order is fixed (for example we say “loud and clear” and not “clear and loud”). We were then all given index cards with binomials on some cards and their meanings on other cards. The challenge was to find your match and then each pair of students told us the binomial they had selected and the meaning, and used the binomial in a sentence for the class.  Everyone did a great job!!  Here’s the list of binomials and their meanings we covered in class  Common Binomials List

Next we took a look at natural pairs with words like – husband; mother; teacher; doctor; and brother.  Next we looked at the pair father and son and discussed how to describe the relationship between a father and son. We then listened to the dialogue in this film “Jordan and Norvin” about a father and son who describe their relationship. We then discussed what the actual film may show and then watched the film 

We continued our discussion on family relationships – father and son / mother and daughter.

The words of the day were:

conflict (verb): to be different in a way that prevents agreement : to say or express opposite things.   Many politicians feel the Obama care goals conflict with the general needs of the American people.

accuse (verb) : to blame someone for something wrong or illegal.   He was accused of stealing money from his employer and could face time in jail.

not have a leg to stand on (idiom) : to have no support for what you think, say, or do.    After she was caught running through the red light, she would not have a leg to stand on in traffic court!

Remember to Relax and Practice!


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