Borrow, Rent, Lend, and Buy

In yesterday’s class we discussed shopping and consumerism. We discovered that we consume goods and services as a natural part of our daily activities. But is all this consumption a good thing? That led us to exploring the terms mass consumption and instant gratification. And if you can believe it there is a new term for people who can’t live without their cell phones “nomophobia” (fear of no mobile phone) ! Take a quick look at these slides to review the meanings of these terms. Consumption

We talked about the differences between borrow, lend, rent, and use. Here’s the very quick practice including the bonus question – where does “neither a borrower nor a lender be” come from?? Borrow Rent Lend Use Review

We divided up into six groups and reviewed a random list of consumer goods and chose which goods were something we really wanted, and which goods were essential for life. We all agreed that consumer preferences are very personal and can be impulsive and can be calculated. It’s complicated!   Here are the group results Consumer Goods Preferences

As we discussed our cell phone use and consumption of technology, we watched this short video on robots using their cell phones 

The words of the day, as Steve and Cindy demonstrated for us, were adjacent – overlap- detached here are the meanings and sample sentences   Words of the day

Hope to see you all next week.

And remember to relax and practice!