Thanks and Gratitude

Hello everyone!

Here is today’s practice exercise on using the phrase “I don’t know”…   I don’t know practice (with the answers highlighted).

Next up, take another look through these slides on Thanksgiving, the food, fun and activities. Go back and watch the “History of Thanksgiving” video , link is on second slide The Thanksgiving Feast

Today’s video created by Louie Schwartzberg is titled Nature Beauty Gratitude. (sorry we had some technical problems and the sound was not very loud)  

      I hope you enjoy watching and listening to it on your own.

Lastly, today’s words of the day – baseless ; shaky ; fishy –  check out the meanings and their use in some examples here   Words of the day      

Relax and practice!  




  1. Carol says:

    Meg, it was a shame that I missed the class today, as I had an important errand to run, I will try to catch up! Thanks so much for sharing! Wish you have a wonderful holiday and see you the week after next!

  2. Phan says:

    Hello Meg, I like your lesson and I hope each Friday everyone will get it. So I can review any time at home.Thanks,Meg.

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